5 Things we do on social media for “Likes/Followers”

Let’s accept the fact that social media has not only given us so much advantage to be in touch with most of our friends, colleagues, ex-bosses and our unwanted relatives but have pulled us towards a tempting world, where there’s no looking back. It could have dangerous results.

We are running in a race where being present is very necessary and to keep updating (ShowOff) about everything, we find it a privilege. Don’t TRUST me, In this virtual world, make a list of people who will be standing with you physically. If you do any three things from mentioned below, then you are a social media addict.

Make a list of friends who will be with you physically.

Make a list to know how many people you have on tips, who can really help you physically in the virtual world. Image Credit Pexels.com

We are constantly updating ourselves with different and unique things on social platforms and forgetting its cons, have come for FREE  in our life! Let’s find out which are few things we do for our virtual personalities.

1. Click to flick!

Isn’t it? We care a lot about likes and somewhere in gaining those unknown followers, we have started using our clicks to give others flicks. It’s a good idea to dress to impress but to someone whom you love very dearly and care for their thoughts and concern.

Click to flick

Click to Flick. Image credit –  Pexels.com

2. Picture of Food first !

There was a time when we use to literally start gobbling food before our tongue could feel it’s taste. Gone are those days, now we click the picture of food first, upload, wait for likes/comments and then taste food. Isn’t this something should be IGNORED! Your warm food should not wait but your posts/ updates can.

Warm food click !

Food can wait !!  Image Credit – Pexels.com

3. Add Filter!

This isn’t looking nice ya! Let’s add some filter to it, filter in the festival picture, filter in the college picture, filter while kissing, filter while sleeping, filter while reading and on travel too. Otherwise, how photos will get likes???

Filter pictures to bring the colors you want.

Filter Picture.! Image Credit – Pexels.com

4. Follow Known/Unknown (Celebs etc)

Yes, this is another ruthless truth of social media. There is no wrong in the following someone but definitely wrong when the following starts disturbing the REAL YOU. You are trying to be someone else in that following race and while doing all this, you have started forgetting you. Follow them, praise them, adore and respect them but make sure to come back in your real life and work hard on your dreams. There is a very thin line in following and stalking!

Walking towards success

There is a very thin line in following or stalking. Understand it.  Image Credit – Pexels.com

5.Sharing personal stuff/stories

You may have end number of “Good Friends” or “Bestie”, how much sure you are that after writing it on social media, you will be getting sympathy or will become fun of it. We all have that one person in life, who is more than our social media and that person will not like your personal stories to be revealed in front of the entire world. Don’t keep it to yourself also, else will become part of your life and will lead to depression. Share with ones you love.

Sharing personal stories

Sharing everything isn’t good. Image Credit –  Pexels.com

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Disclaimer – The above article is penned by Shalu RV. Above article doesn’t point out in any situation or particular in someone’s life but it is written to help people who are having social media addiction and no digital detox works on them. Image Credits to the real owner.


VASTU TIPS (For House)

Every living and non-living thing on this universe gives out energy and effects the lives. There are the basics of science architecture which is called “Vastu Shastra”. There is a way of placement for everything, energy which comes out from right placing, represents good and positive aura in-house or offices. It is believed that Vastu Shastra brings peace and prosperity and it has a huge impact as well.

Useful Tips for placement of furniture

1.Sofa Set

A sofa set is the first thing you select for your living room. Any sofa which is calm in colour, gives spacious look and offer your guest a pleasing look, is considered the perfect sitting area, however, if it is not placed right, it can give adverse effects. The sofa is supposed to be in either west or south direction of the living room. Vastu Shastra is all about balancing and adjusting the energies of the nature to bring peace and prosperity to your home and eventually in your life. Vastu Tips for living room by Housedot

2. Bed

Southwest direction of your bedroom is the most considered and appropriate place to keep your bed. Southeast corner of your bedroom should remain empty.  In case there is no choice, keep the bed away from the southeast corner or you will be sleeping on too much fire. For the bedroom, always ask an expert as right Vastu will only make your life happy and peaceful. Vastu Tips for the bedroom by Housedot

3. Center Table

Rectangle, square and round shapes are apt for the centre table. Vastu Shastra is all about balancing and adjusting the energies of the nature to bring peace and prosperity to your home and eventually in your life. Make sure the furniture is always a few inches away from the wall (In any circumstances, it must not touch the wall) Vastu Tips by Housedot.

4. Book Shelf/ Study Room

Remember there are suggested days and if you want to start or buy something good, we have auspicious days to do so. Always purchase furniture, or wood to be made into furniture, on an auspicious day. Tuesdays, Saturdays and No Moon days are not recommended. Study table acquires the North or East side of the room. This helps in concentration and better results.

5. Almirah/ Wardrobes

One important thing to know for every family is that bedroom isn’t for heavy discussions or arguments, it is meant to have chats which make you happy, changes your mood into positivity and peace and to spend time without any mental disturbances or tension. One wrong placement of almirah can bring differences and unnecessary issues. First preference to keep your almirah is southwest or South, West in the bedroom. If you don’t have much space in your bedroom then you may arrange the cupboards towards Northwest or Southeast, but it should be ideally shown and followed by any renowned Vastu Specialist. The colours of the wardrobe should be subtle and soft. Vastu Shastra also states that a bedroom wardrobe should be constructed from wood or iron.

There is always a positive side to everything. If you have already designed your flat/appartment/ furniture as per your choice and haven’t consulted any professional, then consult and get the alterations done. Any changes in furniture or look of the house won’t change your love towards them. The entire information of vastu is consulted by professionals and all images of furniture are from www.housedot.in.

Housedot is specialised in custom-made furniture, a great piece of furniture, fixtures and wall that allows you to express your freedom of choice. Furniture’s built to your specifications so that you can have exactly what you want.
You can tell House Dot what frame size, arm style, cushions, and back style would best suit your needs. Also, you can choose from more than 1000’s of fabric, laminates styles that will match your home and complete your decor.

Find below vastu charts to understand in details.

Vastu For your home

Housedot Logo

Housedot Website – http://www.housedot.in

Disclaimer – The above article is originally penned by Shalu RV and information used in the article is given by professionals. Housedot offers a wide range of products in furniture, paints, interiors and home automation. The above post is written to help readers to understand vastu and it’s positive traits. Consult good Vastu Shastra specialist and connect with Housedot to get your home trendy furniture or any renovation. Vastu Chart Image credits to real owners.

Stay tuned for our another series having kitchen and interiors as per vastu and tips to keep peace and health in the home.

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Yoga Day, Yoga Benefits

International Yoga Day- Celebration & Benefits

Yoga is considered to be one of the most effective methods of balancing body and mind.

June 21st is the day which concurs mid-summer and the idea of International Day of Yoga was first proposed by the current Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi during his speech at the UNGA, on 27 September 2014.

Yoga, Narendra Modi

In 2014, when Mr Narendra Modi, lead the huge event at Rajpath, New Delhi.

Narendra Modi - Prime Minister

Our current prime minister Mr Narendra Modi, performing Yoga in morning.

As a beginner, you must know what are these aasans and which one suit your body and will benefit your overall practice to make it a daily routine. Make sure to watch the videos related and then try to follow or better take training under an expert.

There are 10 basic aasans if you are planning to start yoga. (Beginner)

  1. Tadasana (Mountain Pose)
  2. Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)
  3. Adho Mukho Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog Pose)
  4. Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)
  5. Kursiasana (Chair Pose)
  6. Naukasana (Boat Pose)
  7. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)
  8. Paschimottanasana
  9. Child’s Pose
  10. Sukhasana

Yoga Postures (To be performed under expert only) Images are only for the reference. https://wordpress.com/post/mwmommiesworld.wordpress.com

Yoga is an intense and holistic approach towards balanced, strength and flexibility exercise which is driven from an ancient form of fitness. You will sweat working on your limbs, stretching shoulders and twisting torsos but the end result will give you relaxed and light feeling. Yoga is indeed slow but not boring. Those who follow understand it better. 🙂

Yoga celebration in India

Yoga celebration started at the centre on Rajpath, New Delhi, where our current prime minister lead a group of more than 35000 people from 84 different countries and made it a huge mega event. It is then, well celebrated in Bangalore and joined by Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty where she performed different aasans in front of 10000 people.

Shilpa Shetty, Yoga, International yoga day

Shilpa Shetty performing yoga at Bangalore event. Blog at https://wordpress.com/post/mwmommiesworld.wordpress.com

Not only in India but thousands of people were seen with equal enthusiasm in France, South-East Asia and Beijing, Kuala Lumpur and Taipei. It is indeed motivating and exciting to see people moving towards yoga for their better health and spreading the message.

Yoga Diet

So like other diets, you have yoga diet as well to keep a balance. If you are the one who is struggling to lose weight and opting yoga to lose your unwanted fat and remember it’s not a magic bullet. It takes it’s due course and demands efforts, patience and time for holistic reach. You can eat Watermelon, Energising smoothies, banana and honey and whole wheat toast and the best drink you can have before or after yoga is coconut water. Coconut water is not only low in carbs, calories, and sugars, and is 99% fat-free. Not to mention it is 100% natural and usually organic. Coconut water helps to keep the body cool and at the right temperature. It also does wonders to raise your metabolism and can help promote weight loss. For those who don’t like coconut water taste, they can add coconut water to their smoothies instead of any juices, It will cut down on the calories of your smoothie and will still provide you with the benefits of coconut water.

An 11-ounce serving of coconut water contains just 60 calories and less than 10 grams of naturally occurring sugar and post-yoga you can have fruit salads or beet as per your choice and which can add nutritional value to your exercise.

So, like everyone says, “YOGA SE HOGA! Let’s do it.

Start Slowly, Grow Daily.

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Disclaimer- This article is originally penned by Shalu R Varadkar and the information is based on proper research and exploration. The benefits of above said information and shared aasan should be watched and followed carefully under trained team.

Thanks, Jigna Shah for introducing me, She is an amazing writer at www.prettyladiestalk.blogspot. in She is a learner, mother, hardworker and a creative blogger. She is a lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, parenting blogger.

I would like to pass the wand to Seema Wadhwa who has started writing at an early age to find herself in journalism and upon her sister’s support, she found the courage to quit her full-time job and started sharing her stories for travel, lifestyle and entertainment on www.curiositycult.com alongside with Sulakshna, her sister as co-blogger.

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Food for 6 months to 1 year babies

So, I have been reading different and really useful versions of baby food for 6 months to 1 year old babies and here I thought of sharing, what every mom thinks, “Quick and Easy Food Options” for your little ones, followed by few Do’s and Don’t’s .

Remember, your child is achieving another milestone by starting semi/solid foods but breastfeed shouldn’t be discontinued. Breastmilk is the essential part of your child’s diet. It is often said, your child should be breastfed minimum for 1 year and maximum can be mother’s choice. Here are first few tips which every mom have followed or new moms should follow.

  •  6 Months infant is too new and small to accept, swallow and gulp the food, you have just introduced. Make sure to offer one food at a time.
  • Every two new foods should be continued for a week at least and must be freshly cooked in one grain.
  • Never ever force feed your child, give your little one to accept the change gracefully. Clean plate can make you happy but next time looking at that same plate, your innocent may show dull face. Let it be a pleasant journey for you both.
Avoid force Feed

Avoid Force feeding child, this can leads to his stubbornness in future. Let the kid enjoy his food.

Foods which you can start with Mashed banana, stewed apple, steamed and pureed vegetables like carrot, sweet potato or french beans. Our mothers and we have religiously followed with “Moong Dal Ka Paani” and “Chawal Ka Paani” known as Rice Water and Pulse Soup, to be given twice a day.

Now let’s talk about diet for 6 months to 1 year infants. Though we have various options but we will stick to quick and easy available diet chart which can be managed by moms without much stress.

Purees, Soups to start with

6th Month-7 Month

Home Made Cerelac– I was taught this by my mom and it was a savior. I didn’t had much stress while feeding this as my little one loved eating it twice a day. It is not only full of nutrients but stomach filling too.

Recipe & Preparation- Wash Moong (Yellow) dal and rice together. I cup moong dal and 2 cup rice for right proportion. After washing thoroughly, put it in steel plate and keep it to dry under sun. It should be preferably dried in sun as below fan it takes lot much of time. Once it’s dried, put it in mixer and make fine powder of it. This powder can be stored for one/two month in air tight container without any hitch.

To prepare it, take one spoon of this powder and mix it well in one forth glass of water and keep it for boiling. Keep stirring it to avoid any lump formation. Add few drops of Desi Ghee in it and stir. Make it balanced by keeping it, not thin or not thick ratio. As much that you can pick in spoon and feed. (Avoid sugar or salt at this age). They have entire age to eat sweets or tangy things, also their this need is often fulfilled by one or other way.

Along with this you can add mashed potato, rawa porridge or raagi (Now  you get readymade packs for raagi). Fruits can be avocado, peach, plum, berries etc.

8th Month- 9th Month

By now your child has accepted finger foods or semi solid foods. Now you can start giving upama, lapsi or daliya (Jaggery can be added as natural sweetener and milk is optional) and mashed idli and dhokla are the quick options you can feed your child. You can add fruits- berries, cherries, kiwi and watermelon etc. For protein fulfillment, you can add egg yolk or beans to the diet.

10th Month – 12th Month

Congratulate your efforts for feeding with so much calmness and pure love that your child have accepted all the above mentioned food till now and here from you can introduce the world of all kind of food (In moderation and as per your pediatrician advice) to your little one.

Make moments

Make moments when you_re preparing for your kid’s milestone.

To start with you can give your munchkin chicken soup (If you are non-vegetarian) plus boiled egg or egg yolk and small chicken mashed pieces. You can add corn, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower etc in vegetables and with above mentioned fruit list you can add grapes, mango and citrus fruits. As your child develop taste, you can continue offering banana shake, chiku shake, curd rice, sabudaana kheer and food which you make for yourself at home.(In moderation with no or low salt)


All mothers learn gradually. Motherhood isn’t a course to finish but a journey to be enjoyed thoroughly and celebrating every milestone. Make sure when your child accept something new, you treasure the memories by taking random clicks. These captures will take you to roller coaster ride, when you look back at these days.

Disclaimer – The thoughts, Ideas and suggestions are solely author’s responsibility. Please consult the pediatrician, if you have any doubts related to above diet. You should always consult your physician about any healthcare questions you may have, especially before trying a new medication, diet, fitness program, or approach to healthcare issues. 

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Penned by – Shalu RV

Images- Sourced

5 Tips to Be “You and Happy”

Nothing is permanent. Everything comes in life for reason, like a season. People are around you to support you, to make you smile but to give you “lessons” as well.

You must follow your own set of rules to be happy and to enjoy each day of life. Things will change, perceptions will differ, thoughts will storm but you will always find a peace, within your heart, only. Here are 5 tips to lead a happy life and built a strong you.

Love Yourself


Love yourself and everything will follow

Love yourself and everything will follow..

This is the first way to enjoy your minutes, hours, days, months and years with yourself. LOVE YOURSELF ! You love your family, friends, kids and relatives as well but how many times you loved things you did. Loving self is the best thing you could do to yourself. To begin with, appreciate your efforts you put in for everything. Look at self and praise your self for your achievements which nobody noticed. The rule to win and rule your heart is “Love Yourself”.

Sing, Dance and Create Magic Around

Dance Love Sing

Dance Love Sing

The thumb rule for your smile is SING, DANCE and if possible believe in creating magic around. Yes! If you love singing, then you very well know, how to smile and if you dance, you are aware of how to make others smile. On top of it, if you know both, you are truly capable of spreading and creating magic around. Lyrics of any song comes from our life only and that’s why we can always relate to songs in easy way. Whenever you are smiling, dancing, singing, you automatically shift into different world. Haven’t you tried listening songs with closed eyes and did you noticed, you often smile while listening and travelling in that time. Yeah 🙂

Call, Plan and Meet People

Call, Plan and Meet

Call, Plan and Meet

What will you do, If you are just sitting alone.Though it is proved people who sit alone are wonderful thinkers and good strategists but again there will be time in few days, you wish to change your mood and trust me , meeting and exploring the world outside is matchless. I, personally make sure to meet new people every few months, this keeps me charged for my work and I get to know about others which is a learning and recreation.

Just do it

Just Do it

Before it’s too late, JUST DO IT !

Do you keep on thinking if you should do it or not? You are always bewildered about your decisions and can’t finalise it for longer time. Well, If you are thinking on something for so long and spending your precious time on deciding then you should have done it in first thought, considering your heart or mind is willing to do it but you are not attempting it. More you think, it will make you unhinged and by doing it, you will be able to see your smile and victory very soon.


Adore or Ignore !!

Remember whom to ADORE / IGNORE

Whoaaaa !! This is one thing I have learned all these years and it has made me happy every time I have IGNORED a person, situation, scene, unwanted clashes and so on. You won’t get any award or reward by giving attention to people, who are self-centered. Those who has never thought of you, why you have to listen or concentrate on them. World is full of beautiful souls and life is really short. We must love ourselves first in order to see our soul smiling. Don’t ever hesitate to smile for your soul and IGNORE other person, no matter who she/he is. If they are capable of breaking you, they you must must follow all tips to re-live, restart and rejuvenate. One life friends, live it the way you want to ! There are often NO SECOND CHANCES !!


The above article is originally penned with personal experiences and thoughts. You may not like or accept the facts but every tip is just to spread smile and give a simple message to SMILE whenever you can. Remember to leave comment below, it brings smile on author’s face. 🙂

Penned By

Shalu RV

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Busting myths around Residential Schooling – A Mommy’s perspective

KAS Tour in association with MW-Mommies World For U & Me

Boarding Schools and Myths

Myth: Boarding schools are meant for trouble some kids so that they can learn discipline and know the difference in right and wrong.

Reality– Boarding schools now a days have brilliant students. It offers various ways to learn new things to your kids. The environment at boarding schools is conducive to making incredible friends, learning and having fun in the process. Strong academics is the key focus but at the same time the support as a family to every student, what one can experience, only after visiting there.

Myth: Kids are left alone to share their feelings and feel miserably left out among other kids as well. They are never able to cope up with other students in studies and the stress to handle all their things themselves,will upset them.

Reality – In boarding schools, kids often have enough freedom to express their point of view, share their feelings with teachers or seniors or for that matter, teacher’s keep one to one meet, if required. (We experienced this personally at Kohinoor American School, Khandala). The kids at KAS are so confident that they came to us themselves and had good conversation about our visit. I guess, this says a lot about their upbringing at KAS 🙂

Myth: The security at boarding schools isn’t dense enough. Kids may go out without any seniors permission or probably after dark, they are free to move out of boarding premises, which no one will come to know and this will lead to their bad future.

Reality – The security at Kohinoor American School is impenetrable. You can’t easily pass the security gate even. Huge premises of KAS is reassuring and gives no odds to kids to runaway anywhere. They follow their routine format even with guests, which means no kid is allowed to go out of their room, after 10.00 pm. No matter, how strict the teachers are, they are readily available for kids, at any point of time. More than their position, they looked like friends !!


About Our Kohinoor International  School Tour

Kohinoor American School is an IB school, located in the picturesque town of Khandala, India. It is a co-educational,residential boardinginternational school that imparts knowledge and wisdom to young minds in the American Style of Education. The school community stands on four pillars – Knowledge, Wellness, Service and Peace.

We were invited to visit KAS campus and we explored every nook and corner of the campus along with their academic, dance, gym and sports zone. The campus is beautifully made and the infrastructure is welcoming. Once you enter the premises, you can see playground, garden areas, along with adequate parking space. Your visit starts with their academic edifice, where you can see reception, lobby area and can have a look of classrooms and art room, besides offices made for meetings.

From there, we started exploring dance areas, gym areas, football court zone in another establishment. It not only had a huge cafeteria, in addition a mini hospital and science lab, fully equipped, well maintained, hygienic and wonderfully developed.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kohinoor American School is one of the best residential boarding school, you can look for, while seeking admissions for your kids. It has residential boarding which means once your kid get admission, you shouldn’t worry at all, starting from admission, studies, sports, food, staying and being happy. A must share addition to entire experience would be the FOOD, we had our 3 meals there and not once we thought, we are eating out of home, rather it had varieties to serve all kids along with Indian kids, who come from Africa, UAE, US etc. It’s NO REGULAR CANTEEN where you have to compromise on food.

One more important thing to share, during our tour we saw kids not only enjoying their after class time in dance rooms but through out the day, have been playing in football court or were involved in one or other activities, which clearly shows the freedom they have at KAS. Rules and disciplines are definitely part of boarding schools but it is more of a fun, altogether.


The Supportive Team of KAS

Boarding Schools generate more significant opportunities for unlike students to interact with one another-whether in the dormitory, classrooms or playing fields – they will always be surrounded by a manifold population that they’ll inevitably get to know throughout the year.

We are happy that such residential boarding’s are producing brilliant students and an affordable environment which not only will help us to choose from horde. We are definitely going to recommend this to parents, who are looking forward to seek admissions in coming year for their kids.


Disclaimer – The above article is a complete experience and view of author only. Any doubt related to admissions or residential boarding, can always be asked from KAS authorities. The information and pictures used is authority of Kohinoor American School and MW-Mommies World For U & Me.



Penned by:

Shalu RV

Also Read – I learn EVERYDAY while teaching him basics of everything.


Hey! All you, First Time Mommas..This is for you..

The letter is originally written by a mommie to other mommie, about being a “First Time Mommie and how much she should listen to others” !!

Dear First time Mumma,
I’m not going to sugar coat this. When you become a Mum the first time, some people may push you to do things their way, make you think your clueless & you will deal with a lot of unnecessary bullsh*% judgement & opinions… because everyone seems to have an opinion on what’s best & what wrong/offensive. You will more then likely feel completely overwhelmed & exhausted but honestly I never a met a new mum who hasn’t. 😏

You Breastfeed in public, it’s offensive.
You Breastfeed your child for what people consider is to long it’s offensive.
You don’t Breastfeed for long enough, you’re not trying hard enough.
You bottlefeed it’s offensive.
You co-sleep it’s offensive.
You have a routine you’re to controlling.
You have a natural birth you’re trying to be to much of a hero.
You have a cesarean & you’re“too posh to push”.
You have lost your baby weight to fast.
You haven’t lost your baby weight fast enough.
You’re a stay at home mum, you’ve given up all your dreams.
You’re a working mum & you’re selfish.

Seriously this is a never ending list & there is always going to be someone offended or judgmental when it comes to the choices you make as a mother, I’ve been at this mum-ing gig for over four years & the biggest lesson I have learned & the best advice I can give you as a first time Mum is


You don’t owe anyone an explanation for the choices you make. People will judge you no matter what you do but you have the power & you have the right to do what works for you & your baby.

So enjoy this roller coaster ride, there will be a lot of ups & downs but I promise you it’s one bloody amazing ride!!!

Remember, It’s the IMPERFECTIONS that makes things beautiful.

Love from a Mumma who’s been there!!! Always YOU think about your kid and DON’T let other’s decide because you would never know the real love of parenting , until you experience it yourself.

Lots of Love.

Images- Sourced

Penned- Anonymous

Tweaked by- Shalu RV

Kidzania and Mommies World For U and Me

“KidZania”- Different World-U Must Explore !

On the busiest day, Saturday, we got privilege to visit Kidzania Mumbai with family and this is by far the best experience we had in any amusement park, in Mumbai. We have been to amusement parks out of India, but after visiting at Kidzania, you need not to plan your trip out of India. Here is why, YOU MUST go to Kidzania !!

Kidzania and Mommies World For U and Me

Mommies World For U and Me visited Kidzania Mumbai and explored all fun and gaming activities with a bunch of kids. It is ONLY one stop destination in mumbai where you can spend your entire day without looking at watch.

First of all, you must know that this place is for fun, play and to create memories when you want to be away from all your routine and tiring monotonous things, nobody is bothered what you wearing, so make sure to wear comfortable clothes (Ofcourse not pyjamas :p) and shoes. It is the most adventurous place and not to forget, very big !! It is beyond your expectations, if you are visiting for the first time and it will make sure that you come back 😉

The journey starts with buying tickets where attendant gives you all information along with boarding passes, check in formalities which includes bracelets, experience form and guidance, how kidzania works.

Kidzania often have various offers and promos for their visitors.


Kidzania Offers shared by Mommies World For U and Me


Kidzania Offers shared by Mommies World For U and Me


Kidzania Offers shared by Mommies World For U and Me


Kidzania Offers shared by Mommies World For U and Me


Kidzania Offers shared by Mommies World For U and Me


Kidzania Offers shared by Mommies World For U and Me


Kidzania Offers shared by Mommies World For U and Me


Kidzania Offers shared by Mommies World For U and Me


Kidzania Offers shared by Mommies World For U and Me

You can find Kidzania’s ticket details on their website, for your reference, have mentioned here too.

Full day Pass

Age  Price

(0 – 1 Yrs) ₹ 0

DP Toddler
(2 – 3 Yrs) ₹ 800

DP Kid
(4 – 16 Yrs)  ₹ 1500

DP Adult
(17 – 59 Yrs) ₹ 650

DP Senior
(60+ Yrs) ₹ 450
Also, they have 5 Hours shift, if you can’t spend full day.

Age –       Price

Baby – Baby
(0 – 1 Yrs)

(0 – 1 Yrs) ₹ 0

5hrs Toddler
(2 – 3 Yrs)  ₹ 700

5hrs Kid
(4 – 16 Yrs) ₹ 1300 

5hrs Adult
(17 – 59 Yrs) ₹ 650

5hrs Senior
(60+ Yrs)  ₹ 450


Bracelets before you  enter !

This bracelet is given to all who will enter KidZania, and each one matches with you and your child’s identification to make sure that every child will go out with their original companion. We were also given the map and the city codes as references.

Here’s a look what you all will get to see inside and the whole experience can’t be mentioned in few words.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 Kidzania Fact- In Kidzania, children practice Independence by doing things on their own.

Starting from Yes Bank counters to Healthy stores to Big Bazaar store to theater experience to construction workshop to food courts and super marts. In all, one stop experience, where your kid not only enjoy but will earn, learn and practice.

Kindergarten ABZ where toddlers can play with some Play Dough and various molding shapes. They can also paint and learn the alphabet using the different items available. This also has a one companion policy and a limit of 20 minutes per play time.

Kidzania Departmental store, Pilot Training, Party Hub, Parachute Hair Oil and Spa, Kotton Kandy Stalls, Chocolate factory, Parle G, Doughnut, Cadbury, Sbarro,  kidzania Fire brigade experience and Climbing activities, Maruti Suzuki Driving Center and lot more.

This is something, you should never miss. Your kid will enjoy to the max and you will be relieved to see those amazing expressions on her/his face. The kids definitely get tired and never want to go back, but if they won’t return, how will they come back.

My opinion says, “You should take your kids for sure and experience this different world yourself, after all we mommies, too need such wonderful breaks.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in above article, is solely belongs to author. Any changes in promos or tickets pricing can be confirmed from Kidzania, beforehand.

Penned by- Shalu RV

Mommies World For U & Me

If you are riding by cab to your destination then must read  Steps to ensure your safety while riding by cab.!

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Mommies World For U & Me Suggests “BuddsBuddy”- Complete Range of Summer season products.

Mommies World For U & Me Suggests “BuddsBuddy”- Complete Range of Summer season products for your babies.

Mommies World For U & Me, recently organised a contest for brand on the occasion of Mother’s Day sponsored by BuddsBuddy  and It has got fabulous response from MW Group Members (Click To Join Group). We were so happy to see the range of products, BuddsBuddy is offering for infants and toddlers. We followed to the team and received plethora of information.

Contest Details can be read, followed, watched here.

Contest Link : https://www.facebook.com/buddsbuddyindia/posts/2280102108884022

YouTube Link – YouTube Video

Summers are on the verge to come and honestly, now it’s the time to pack your….”Not bags”, but a really nice Summer-ready kit that will save yours and your kid’s life and skin all the way long during the coming Hot season.

In consideration to babies, actually, they are in a greater need to have an immediate help in any case of getting hurt, tan, thirst or any sort of other needs. So for them you gotta have a special range of all the emergency products that can help your baby to deal with Summer in a quick and smarter way.

Here we are sharing detailed view with pictures for you all readers.

Baby Wet Wipes –

Mommies World For U and Me, Buddsbuddy, Baby Care Products

Review of Budddsbuddy products by Mommies World For U and Me.

I prefer to start with the Best always, so BuddsBuddy wet wipes are the very first thing you gotta know about in detail(and have for you as well). These are the first of a kind ‘All-natural’ babycare wipes with Vitamin E extract, moisturizer, and Aloe Vera effect. They do not contain any fragrance in order to avoid an irritation to the babies. Undoubtedly, they will prove to be the best natural baby wipes you have ever used.

Mosquito repellents –

Mommies World For U & Me reviewed Buddsbuddy products range

Mosquito Repellent Patch suggested by Mommies World For U and Me

Talking about the mosquitoes and other insects, they are just irritation for everybody. You need to have some permanent solution to this right! The best one will be the BuddsBuddy Mosquito repellent patches, this will automatically eliminate the mosquitoes present all around in the nearby area. You can easily place the repellent patch anywhere in the clothes, and the bands in the hand or legs of your baby. These are the natural mosquito repellents which contain no chemicals or pungent fragrances, thereby very suitable for the babies going for hanging out playtime, rest time or even in their washrooms as well.

Magic heat Packs –

Mommies World For U and Me, Baby Products, Buddsbuddy

Instant Heat Packs for any uncalled injury.

Hot and cold, both these sensations have the power to heal minor wounds, cuts, bruises and swelling. But everytime you just can’t wait for the water to get hot to heal your wounds. Especially in baby’s case it’s a Big No, No! So what will be helping you out in this case?

BuddsBuddy magic heat packs will prove to be an instant help for the babies, and even for the adults as well. It immediately gets heated upto 130℃ for maximum and then you can easily place it on the hurted area of the baby’s skin. In a very less time, you will notice a reduced pain and swelling in the affected area.

Cooling Gel packs –

Mommies Morld for U and Me reviewed Buddsbuddy

Cooling Gel Patch suggested by Mommies World For U and Me

The vice versa of magic heat packs are the cooling gel packs. Actually Summers requires more of cooling gel packs, because it feels cool and it’s exactly what everybody, including your child wants(I know I am right 🙂 ). You need to have cooling gel packs to immediately heal the wounds, cuts, swelling, bruises, eye puffiness, itchiness, allergy and even muscle inflammation. BuddsBuddy Cooling gel patches will be the best choice for you in this case.  Just you have to tilt the coin inside the pack and then the pack will start showing its cooling effect. Within seconds your baby will feel ‘Ice-like’ cooling effect and proper soothing of the wound/swelling will be done.

Hand Sanitizers –

Mommies World suggests Hand Sanitizer by Buddsbuddy

Hand Sanitizer reviewed by Mommies World For U and Me

Clean hands protect from 99% of infectious diseases in kids, says a recent research. And it’s true enough also, as the kids touch and use a hundreds of things like toys, utensils, towels, clothes, pets and what not. So instant way to keep the hands dirt-free, more probably germ-free is a must. For this you can use BuddsBuddy Hand sanitizers, which contain all-natural germ-protection gel combined with fresh fragrances. They can kill 99.9% germs without water.

First Aid Kit –

Medical Kit by Buddsbuddy

Mommies World For U and Me suggests Medical Kit by Buddsbuddy

Having emergency First aid kit will always help you to deal with sudden cuts, wounds, bruises or any other hurting condition, especially for the babies & Kids. BuddsBuddy brings First Aid kit for such uses, basically, there are two different versions of this product. One is the 39 piece pack, and other is the Mega 125 piece pack. You will be finding everything from Bandages, Gauze pads, Cotton Rolls, Ear Buds, Tape, Sanitizer, Medical Scissors, Tweezers, Cooling Gel patch, Thermometer and every other thing that’s necessary to complete the kit. The 39 piece pack is a very basic first aid kit, which is easily portable and storable as well.

Oral  Care Kit –

Dental Care Kit

Dental Care Kit suggested by Mommies World For U and Me

Your baby can be very busy playing all day long, eating snacks, pizza, chocolate and what not. This makes to look after their teeth and gums in a much curious way than ever. To not let your kids get problems like teeth or gums pain, you must use the Oral care kit by BuddsBuddy.

The kit has two different versions,

One is the Brushing kit – 15 piece pack,  and

The other is a 3 Stage Oral care set, which comprises of a Toothbrush, a Tongue Cleaner, and a Training Baby Toothbrush.

Not only you can keep the baby’s tooth and gums completely clean, but its regular use will eliminate the harmful bacteria to stay in the mouth and spoil the teeth.

Baby Sippers –

BPA Free Sippers

Mommies World For U and Me suggests BPA Free Sippers

Sippers, cups, tumblers etc. play an important role in the personal drinking hygiene and liquid intake. You must have an adequate amount of water in your body to avoid any sickness, infection, and diseases. For infant babies and toddlers, feeding time is very important and you can give them BuddsBuddy feeding bottles, drinking sippers, cups, tumblers to drink water/milk/juices in the best possible way ever.

The bottles are designed in accordance to the baby’s delicate hands, are color rich and fashionable to look. You won’t find any leakage problem, adjusting or storage problem while using them.

Nail Care Kit –

Baby Nail Care Kit

Mommies World For U and Me suggests Baby Nail Care Kit

And who said that without a proper nail care kit summers will go swiftly for your baby? Means nails of the hands and legs can be bothering if they aren’t kept clean, tidy and well-trimmed. If not, then your baby may get infected by dangerous bacteria during feeding, or biting nails etc. I mean, when nails will not be cut, your baby has greater chances of getting ill.

For its permanent cure, you must try out for BuddsBuddy Nailcare kit. It is a 17-piece pack that consists of all types of nail trimming and cutting tools. You can easily get rid of all the ‘This and That’ of nail-caring when you have this kit for your use.

Soothing Eyemask –

Soothing eye Mask

Mommies World For U and Me suggests Soothing Eye Mask

Eye masks are a very nice way to soothe your baby’s tired eyes after she/he works all day(after all, playing, studying are your baby’s work :)). BuddsBuddy eye masks are a better option for you to have, as you will find the best ever dual use feature, with both hot and cold water. You can easily soothe puffy eyes,  allergic reactions, and swelling. Just put the mask in hot/cold water for some time following by wearing it in the eyes. Your baby’s complete relaxation will be done with these masks.

In the end, I would say that products will be products, but you should be only choosing what’s right and best for your babies. As they have delicate, soft and prone skin compared to us, we cannot risk it at cost. With BuddsBuddy products, you can have all your queries solved regarding your child’s complete safety. Must reach out for these products and stay tuned for my upcoming articles!

All Information is received and compiled with the help of BuddsBuddy Team. Any queries pertaining to any products, can be solved through their website or Facebook Page.

Mommies World For U & Me in association with Buddsbuddy

10 Super useful baby products launched by buddsbuddy this summer, reviewed by Mommies World For U and Me

Also Read –  ​माँ- क्या दे सकूँगी तुमहे इस अनमोल दिवस पर 

Penned By – Shalu RV

Images and Information Source – https://buddsbuddy.com/

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Mommies World For U & Me-In Conversation with Juuhii Babbar (Summer Workshops)

Juuhii Babbar Sonii shares about SUMMER WORKSHOPS she conduct across Mumbai in an exclusive interview with Shalu R Varadkar, Founder of Mommies World For U & Me.


Mommies World For U and Me In conversation with Juuhi Babbar Sonii

Juuhi Babbar Sonii, is a film, TV,  theatre actress & theatre director,  the wife of actor Annup Sonii and  daughter of veteran actor, Raj Babbar and theatre stalwart and actress Nadira Zaheer  Babbar, founders of Ekjute, one of the most influential and iconic theatre groups of India. Juuhi is the recipient of Ustad Bismillah Yuva Puruskar, the biggest national award in theatre given to youth for their contribution to the field of art.  She has been the curator for theatre at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival since 5 years.

Juuhii Babbar Sonii

Mommies World For U and Me In conversation with Juuhi Babbar Sonii

In the vacations, parents start looking for activities and workshops to keep their children occupied than getting bored and even more so to get them to learn something new. In today’s competitive world, a varied number of activities are available for children in the form of camps/ workshops, but when it comes to theatre workshops, here is what sets the ‘EKJUTE YOUNG TALENT COMPANY’ stand apart.  The workshops provide an exciting opportunity for  children to interact with other participants, learn through the magical medium of theatre and also offers an experience to create the best memories in their growing years. Most importantly, all our workshops are personally conducted by theatre stalwart, Juuhi Babbar Sonii, herself, along with a team of passionate colleagues. Link to Ekjute Website

Ekjute Young talent Company

Mommies World For U and Me In conversation with Juuhi Babbar Sonii

Watch our Facebook Live Chat here. Mommies World For U & Me- In conversation with Juuhii babbar to know about her journey from SCRATCH TO SUCCESS and reaching to more than 5000 kids all these years.

Juuhi Babbar Sonii, is a film, TV,  theatre actress & director,  spouse of actor Annup Sonii and daughter of veteran actor, Raj Babbar and theatre legend and actress Nadira Zaheer  Babbar, founders of Ekjute, one of the most influential and iconic theatre groups of India. Juuhi is the recipient of Ustad Bismillah Yuva Puruskar, the biggest national award in theatre given to youth for their contribution to the field of art.  She has been the curator for theatre at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival since 5 years. 

In 2008, Juuhii took over the reins and introduced EKJUTE Young Talent Company workshops (designed and curated by the Mother-Daughter duo) for children. Since then, every summer she has personally conducted all the workshops and worked with over 5000 children. Like many young working mothers, she too took a break from work when her son, Imman, was born. She is now back to her first love, THEATER, and today is a role model for many women who wish to reclaim their careers after motherhood. Juuhii believes that theater is the most powerful medium for influencing children towards better communication and expression. Her workshops with 6 -12 yr olds is all about imagination, improvisations, story building, clarity of speech  along with dance & music and finding that ‘wow’ moment. Parenting, according to Juuhii, is a shared responsibility and therefore her workshops always end with a fun interactive session with parents and their children that focuses on ‘’Child- Parent Bonding Through Theatre’’.

. Click Link to Facebook Page- Ekjute Young Talent Company

There are many classes offering theatre workshops but what sets Ekjute Young Talent Company apart is Juuhi Babbar Sonii’s personal attention and presence at each and every workshop and her dedication to giving children an opportunity to explore, improvise, spark their imagination, build focus and improve self confidence. More so, at the workshops, she teaches the children how to relate better to different situations and encourages them to show compassion for others and also enhance their observation & communication skills through the various innovative fun exercises and games.

With workshops at only one venue until 2010, Ekjute Young Talent Company, by popular demand, has now been organising workshops at various locations across Mumbai.

In 2018, Ekjute Young Talent Company has successfully concluded workshops at Juhu and Malad (Mumbai) venues and more workshops are commencing soon as listed below:

Ghatkopar 01st May – 10th May 11:00 am-01:00 pm
Andheri 04th May – 13th May 04:30 pm-06:30 pm
Bandra 12th May –   21st May 11:00 am-01:00 pm
Powai 22nd May –   31st May 11:00 am-01:00 pm
Bandra 08th June –   17th June 03:30 pm-05:30 pm
Andheri 09th June –   18th June 10:30 am-12:30 pm

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Connect with Ekjute Young Talent Company, if you want your children to find their creativity, confidence as well as develop their observation skills and more, through a unique fun drama experience this summer vacation.

Workshop/Enrollment – Contact on +91 9769775262 / +91 7715088316 / Easy Link: http://www.ekjute.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Young-Talent-Company-Summer-Workshop-Form.pdf

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This article is to share our experience which we had in our Facebook Live with Ms Juuhii Babbar Sonii where we found that the training and personal attention given to each and every student and the money, efforts and time is worth spending at Ekjute Young Talent Company

Penned by

Shalu R Varadkar